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anthroxxxchange's Journal

Anthro Art Exchange
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Welcome to the Anthro Art Exchange!

Like so many out there, this is a furry art exchange. You post your info once a month, and a week later, everyone draws someone else's character. It's an easy way to get free art! The rules of this community were taken and modified from furoticxchange.

zeddish: Jellybean [dot] Aardvark [at] gmail [dot] com | kynaru: Kynaru [at] gmail [dot] com

The focus of this community is anthro/furry art. This includes non-morphs, taurs, dragons, gryphons, and the like. No elves, dwarfs, fairys, or human-type characters. There are no minimum or maximum rating requirements for pictures drawn or requested. This means pictures can and probably will range from G-XXX and beyond. As of right now,there are no black-listed themes or subjects. If you don't feel comfortable drawing a suggested theme or subject, don't worry about drawing it. The focus here is on the characters; not the themes. If you have a personal issue about your chosen, please email the mods or anonymously contact your chosen to work something out.

We don't expect everyone who participates to have been drawing since the conception of the sun, but it is expected of everyone who participates that effort and time be put into your drawings. No last minute sketches, please. Drawings should be cleaned up and coloured.

Each round will last three weeks. That's 21 days. We realize that sometimes people have issues with real life, and if you will be unable to get your art in on time, PLEASE contact the mods ASAP. Everyone will get one free late art before being banned from one round. If you're late on your art a third time, you will be blacklisted, and unable to participate.

Please assume that your chosen does not have an FA or FAP account. If you don't have another place to put your artwork, contact the mods.

The Rules:

You must read and agree to all of these rules to participate. You don’t need to sign anything, but you do need to follow by these rules. By signing up, you agree to knowing the rules, and will be held responsible for any rules you may break.

1.You have three weeks to draw your chosen one. Two days after the round ends, the sign-ups will be posted. Each sign-up round will last seven days.

2. To have some communication with your chosen one, post anonomously to their original post where they have posted their characters description. Also, you can e-mail the mod if that method isn’t working, and I’ll try to get a message to them.

3. This community runs on a three strikes rule, but if this begins to present a problem, and people start taking advantage of it, the strikes will go down to ONE before you are blacklisted.

4. EFFORT! This means cleaned backgrounds and at least flat colour.

5. Respect people. You might not get the best piece of art work, but that does not give you any right to bash ANYONE. At the very least you should say "thank you", if not anything else. There will be no toleration for people bashing others. If you feel a picture is substandard, please contact one of us moderators via email and we will sort it out.

6. Be patient. This means no asking if your picture will be posted soon. If your artist is late, we'll ask for volunteers to cover you.

7. As art posted here will be in all ratings. Please be sure to put any R-rated or above drawings behind a cut.

8. Have fun! This community is about getting art, and giving art. If you have any problems, please feel free to get a hold of the mods.

9. Be descriptive!!!! In your character information survey thing, don't just write "A blue fox with red markings." That doesn't give artists, or writers an idea what to draw. Try to fill out all the questions, and be detailed as possible. Your characters have more than just markings, they have likes, dislikes, personalities, histories, etc. It is easier for us to be enthused about drawing your char if it is "fleshed out".

10. Even if you are reposting the same character, please don't link your description to a previous post. Take the extra couple of seconds to copy and paste the info to the thread. That saves me a lot of time and heart ache. Also, use full urls, not a href links.

11. Use common sense. Yes we are drawing porn. No problem there. However, we wont tolerate racist or sexist remarks, or art. Drawing a female sub, fine. Drawing a neonazi fur...not cool. Use your head.

Have fun!